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We create your new digital professional card for you, with an embedded QR code, optional Google Analytics, and all the capabilities that #FullDigital offers!

We create your new digital professional card for you, with the ability to use Google Analytics, an embedded QR code, and all the capabilities that #FullDigital offers!

Check out examples of clients who have already chosen the service here.

After completing the purchase, you will receive an email within 24 hours, in which we will ask you to “upload” the material that we will use to create your own card!

The price is one-time payment, and your card’s domain will be in the format The price includes 2 modifications to the details (changing phone numbers, links, etc.) within the first year from the date of service purchase.

If you choose to create an Apple Wallet Pass, we will handle it after you create the card!

Finally, if you choose to have your own .link domain, don’t forget to specify up to 3 desired domains (in order of priority) during the payment at the checkout, in the notes field!

If you add a .link domain to your options, hosting space will be automatically added as well!

Do you have a company or team and want to create cards for its members? Check out the Add-on to The Original!

The prices listed do not include VAT. The final price will be displayed before your payment at the checkout.


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